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I didn’t want to be a therapist because I didn't want to buy something for $125, like a vacuum, and think — I own this Shark because Marla hated her stepmother.


Eco Barbie. She's made out of glass. Comes in a Tiny House with a Recycling Bin.


My bicycle wheel was squeaky so I brought it in and they greased it right away.

After every joke I’m going to send you a text, “How was my delivery?”

In high school my doctor told me to gain ten pounds so I tried to get on TV.

Someone bought my dog a birthday card, like he can read, he's TWO!

Untuck It has a competitor called Don't Tuck It in In The First Place.


Just pulled some lint from the dryer that was so big I introduced myself.


I once dated a chef who taught me that you have to let the meat rest.


I'm too happy to be funny.  Don't worry, it'll pass.


A friend who's very spiritual told me I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.  I was like, "Worrying?"


I moved to California for family reasons.  To get away.


There are eight days of Hanukkah, one for each spelling.


I saw a bald guy with a tattoo on his head that said "TOUPEE."

The hotel was so fancy, instead of a thin mint on your pillow at night they put a whole Toblerone.

I don't know how this pilot passed Flyer's Ed.

This dispensary also sells catnip.

I just got a participation

trophy from my step counter.

I just wasted so much time shopping for a watch.


I've always had fear of missing out.  I was born a month early.


Little things make me happy, like choosing the serrated knife from the knife block on the first try.


For Thanksgiving I served left-over Halloween candy.


My husband fights with me for the make-up sex.


I can't even make pineapple right-side up cake.


This rental car just said I need to take a break during my long drive.  (It sensed fatigue and distraction.). It also suggested I stop at a mall for a new wardrobe.


I don't know what schedule drug Marijuana is considered.  I just know it's on the schedule.


I just ate a sleeve of crackers and a pant leg of cookies.


Sense of humor is my favorite one.


Getting dressed for a funeral recently and realized I'm always dressed for a funeral.


Whenever I read a poem in a literary magazine I feel like I'm being punked.


They say cooking is an art.  For me it's Krafts.


I just spilled coffee on my leg, cause it was asleep.

I usually go small cause I like going home.


Captcha just asked me to assemble a desk from IKEA.


My clothes aren't actually wrinkled -- they're formfitting.


I eat like I'm taller.


I just drove somewhere without using GPS.

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